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For over 35 years, Pride and Service has been delivering quality elevator service. We are a family owned and operated, full-service elevator company proudly serving the Tri-State area. Founded in 1983, Pride and Service combined a wealth of experience and skill into a company that has earned a remarkable reputation as a leading elevator firm. We have combined our strengths to create an unbeatable force in the elevator industry. Over the years we have offered innovative and leading edge solutions while remaining committed to our traditional values. The backbone of our company is operating with a quality foundation of unwavering ethics and superior results.

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We have a top-notch staff of trained elevator technicians who have a great deal of skill, knowledge, and experience. We make sure all of our technicians have a thorough knowledge of electronics, electricity, and hydraulics - even programming and technical computer knowledge is a requirement for some of our techs. Our clients rest assured knowing their elevators are in the safe hands of dedicated and trained professionals.

We know what building owners and managers are looking for in a great company. We understand how important your elevators are to your tenants, visitors, and employees. We know first-hand how important your elevator equipment is to your productivity. An "out of order" sign means customer inconvenience and costly down time. We are dedicated to providing superior service so that you can focus on running a business, and not on the function of your elevators. Personalized service is mandatory and should not be what differentiates a good company from a great company. Ask us about designing a custom maintenance program to fit your needs.


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What is an ECB violation and how
do I handle it?

An ECB violation stands for Environmental Control Board. This violation is issued by the Department of Buildings when a property does not comply with a part of the New York City Construction Codes and/or Zoning Resolution. There are 3 different classes of ECB violations and they are: Class 1 (immediately hazardous), Class 2 (major), and Class 3 (lesser).

To resolve an ECB Violation, you must:
  • Correct the conditions cited on the violation and certify correction with the department
  • Admit guilt OR attend a hearing at ECB Court to contest the violation
  • Pay any applicable penalties

Do my elevators need to be updated or modernized?

Any elevators that have single bottom jacks must be replaced. If you are unsure if this applies to any of the elevators in your buildings, please contact us and we can assist you.

In order to know if your elevators need to be modernized, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Are your employees, tenants, and/or visitors complaining that they have to wait a long time for an elevator or that they spend too much time in travel once they are in?
  • Are your elevators experiencing frequent "downtimes?"
  • Are your elevators not functioning the way you need them to?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are it's time to modernize.

What is a CAT1 inspection?

CAT1 stands for category 1. A CAT1 inspection includes tests of all safety devices, all cables used for suspension, compensation and governors, the entire hoistway, clearances, alarms, communication devices and emergency lighting, and general housekeeping (the machine room, pit, and top of car).

The paperwork for these annual inspections must be filed within 45 calendar days of the test. Inspection and test reporting must be signed by the maintenance contractor, the witnessing inspector, the agency director of witnessing inspector, and a representative from the building. Any violating conditions found on these annual inspections must be completed within 45 business days of the filing of the report. Fines up to $3,000 per elevator can be imposed if paper work is not filed on time or if violating conditions are not corrected.

Can I email or fax a service call?

It is best to call our 24/7 emergency phone line to place your service call. Our phone lines are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our friendly dispatchers immediately enter your request into our system and your route mechanic is notified immediately.

I just received an elevator violation, what do I do next?

Once a building owner or manager receives an elevator violation they should immediately email or fax a copy of the violation to our office as time is of the essence. Elevator violations come with major fines if they are not corrected in a timely fashion.

What is the difference between a cure date and a hearing date on an ECB violation?

A cure date is the last date that all of the violating conditions must be corrected and the required paperwork is delivered to the ECB (Environmental Control Board). A hearing date is your dedicated date to attend court if you are pleading not guilty to the violation. A hearing date must be attended if the work was not completed and the required paperwork was not dropped off by the cure date.

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10 reasons to choose us

10 reasons to choose pride and service the best

Here are the top ten reasons why customers choose us:

1 Pride and Service Elevator, established in 1983, is a privately owned company. We are not a corporate company where our customers are just one of many. We pay special attention to each client in order to provide the best quality of work possible.

2 We have headquarters in Manhattan and Cranford, NJ which makes us easily accessible to our clients. Between these two locations, we maintain a readily available inventory 24 hours, 7 days a week.

2 Our owners combined have over 90 years experience in the elevator industry. Our experience has gained us a wealth of knowledge and we know that customers trust a company that is knowledgeable. We use what we have learned to train all of our service techs.

2 Our owners have been involved with the World Trade Center, the Chrysler Building, and many other high-rise projects. No matter how many high-profile projects we work on, we still value the small projects as well and provide the same level of service.

2 We are a GREEN company and can provide many sustainable solutions. For example, we provide environmentally friendly elevator cleaning services.

2 We provide coverage for all types of elevator equipment. We have some of the best insurance in the industry. When you become one of our clients, you can rest assured that we assume all liability for your elevator equipment.

2 We are dedicated to passenger and employee safety. While servicing or working on any projects that involve your elevators - we always have safety in mind. We are dedicated to making sure your elevators are as safe as possible, avoiding unnecessary and dangerous accidents.

2 Commitment for customer satisfaction. We are 100% committed to making sure our customers are absolutely satisfied.

2 We focus on reducing service calls. We want to save you money wherever possible, so we focus on reducing the amount of times you need to call us out for service. When you call us for service, it means that something is wrong and we do our best to limit those issues.

2 Skilled and dedicated technicians and management staff. From our office personnel, to our service technicians - we only hire the best. We train our employees to focus on customer service and we make sure they have all the necessary skills and beyond!





While very necessary in our vertical worlds, they have become one of the most challenging issues that building owners and managers face in the Tri-State area. Owners and managers have to stay on top of the constantly changing and growing list of violations, fines, and inspections. Within the past few years, elevator fines have dramatically increased, brand new violations have been issued, and the process and requirements for filing have become more complex and involved than ever.

With fines ranging up to $3,000 per elevator, one building with 4 elevators can be looking at $12,000 in violation fees. When these fees get overlooked and proper steps are not taken, over a few years the fines can double. Today, many building owners and managers are being blindsided by fines. The fees have compiled over a few years and buildings now owe tens of thousands in fines. It is in the best interest of any building owner or manager to seek the services of an elevator company such as Pride and Service to help avoid these issues.

Here are 4 important pieces of advice that owners and mangers should know to avoid elevator fines and violations:

1 Never assume you are not responsible: From authorizing proposals, to submitting any late fees with correct paper-work, owners must be involved.

1 Stay aware of increased inspection penalties: Failure to file the required annual elevator inspection report now results in a fine of $3,000 per elevator and failure to file a five-year inspection results in a $5,000 penalty per elevator.

1 Ensure that "unsatisfactory" reports are corrected promptly: The DOB's brand new "ACCI" violation has a $3,000 civil penalty for any elevator with an unsatisfactory inspection result without a correction on file.

1 Stay on top of rejected inspections: The DOB is rejecting more inspection tests than ever for failure to file prior-year corrections or the failure to pay civil penalties for missed inspections and late filings.

Here are Pride and Service Elevator, we completely manage elevator tests and inspections for our clients. We help them stay on top of when their next inspections are due and file the paperwork for them. We make sure everything involving our client's elevators is taken care of, so they can worry about the more important matters - like running a business. Please contact us if you have any questions.



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  • "Professional and Prompt attention to any problems we encounter."

  • "Excellent service, I am grateful for his assistance."

  • "Mike is like a secret weapon, very knowledgeable on all elevator equipment"

  • "My thanks to Rick for helping get the job done."

  • "You guys did a great job!"

  • "Your administrative staff is extremely helpful and saved me thousands in fines."


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Pride and Service Elevator has locations in New York and New Jersey. Our two locations give us a competitive advantage as we can provide our customers with a quick response to emergency trouble calls. Our Manhattan office is stocked with a plethora of replacement parts for many of the elevators running in NYC. Our Cranford, NJ office is our hub for all modernization components. It is centrally located and houses thousands of replacement parts. We ship components from all over the United States to our Cranford location.

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Many of our employees live in, know, and love the Tri-State area. Our two different locations allows us to better serve clients across the Tri-State area. Our trained technicians are ready to serve you. Customer satisfaction is the key ingredient to our success and is a direct result of the level of service we provide. We have the size and resources to address any of your elevator requirements and offer many different service plans suited to comply with each property's different service issues. Give us a call today for a free estimate.



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iElevate is a tracking system used to assist our customers with department of building compliance. If you own or manage a building with elevators, then you are all too familiar with the D.O.B compliance and how stressful it can be at times to make sure you are always within code. Our iElevate system lets us know when your elevators need to be tested and it tracks violations automatically. This is a way to help our customers avoid unexpected fines.

When violations go unnoticed, fines are issued and can start to accumulate – costing people thousands of dollars. Our iElevate system is something we created to ensure that our customers are avoiding these fines whenever possible, to make their lives easier and give them one less thing to worry about. This system is something that truly makes us stand out from other elevator companies. iElevate also helps us keep track of when inspections and routine service is due for our customers, allowing us to provide the best service possible.

For more information about our innovative system, please contact us today. We would be happy to answer all of your questions.